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Let's talk about...


3/8/11 07:48 am - This is actually a type of meme I think.

So a while ago I promised marzipan_yumyum that I would do a meme offering people homemade stuff. Now I hate baking and I am sure casserole would be a bitch to mail, so I am making rings.

The first five people to comment will get one-- if less than five people comment then I will roll it over to facebook. Comment with your name and fill mailing address and your (American!) ring size. I actually only use real metal so nothing should be turning green. If you don't know your ring size see this: Ring Size Conversion.

Comments are screened so we don't all see your address!

11/25/10 02:58 am - SORRY

So I haven't updated in forever-- I just got out of LJ and have been busy. I want to try doing original fiction again, maybe I will actually finish it this time?

So, yeah, leave me a comment if you still check LJ and/or haven't de-friended me yet.

9/14/10 09:25 pm - Writer's Block: 10 Years From Now

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Well if I see myself than I suppose I must be in front of a mirror.

8/27/10 04:28 pm - Opera!

This is how I usually describe opera to people. Execpt I don't have a Danish accent.

8/8/10 07:10 pm - I seem to have a slight obession with fandom characters owning / working in resdurants.

That is all.

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